Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mini-Pacman on Miniature Arcade Console

I recently blogged about some of the stuff I am playing with on the .NET Micro Framework Gadgeteer platform. Kenny Spade from the TinyCLR community forums has kindly built a miniature arcade and put up a video of Mini-Pacman running on the arcade.

It is so cool to see your work move from a bunch of loose pieces lying around on a desk to something that looks so polished. Thanks Kenny!


  1. Hi,
    I saw your post on STACKOVERFLOW for this particular answer that you gave caught my attention
    Basically in my C# i want to get datafrom a mysql client(i done this part) then later the information that i got from mysql shld be available to C++ NOT VisualC++ .. would be a great help if i could get some help from u, do u want me to start a question in SOF?

  2. Hi blOGGy,

    I would suggest that you post the question on SO, that way others might be able to provide other insights or alternative perspectives as well. Once you post the question, just send the link an I will be sure to take a look.

    Make sure that you provide as much information and context around what it is that you want to achieve.