Thursday, September 24, 2009

Silverlight – Ray casting engine

I have been writing a little ray casting engine for Silverlight, this is a topic that I was very interested in some 12 or so years ago and the last time I did anything like this was all in C++. So I whipped out those old notes and references as started out writing the basic engine. So far it can handle multi-height textured walls, textured floors and ceilings, background textures, very basic lighting and in game objects that can be interacted with.

While testing the engine I found that my test cases resembled a pac man type game in a “3d” world so I thought what the heck and added some basic scoring, lives and a compass. The results can be seen here


Make no mistake, this is no master piece it is mostly some test code that I was using to test the engine. There are still some minor rendering artefacts that can sometimes be seen in the distance between the walls and the textured floors. The engine still suffers from minor cumulative rounding errors that degrades the quality of the generated scene, but all in good time.

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