Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Silverlight – My first Silverlight games published

To day is somewhat of a milestone for me, after more than 15 years in the industry I have never released anything I have written into the wild. More than that, I do very little UI work, focusing mainly on backend server components.

So what is all my excitement about, well I have written 2 small Silverlight games and submitted them to Silver Arcade. Neither game is really ground breaking, they have served as an avenue gaining some basic experience with Silverlight. Each game was written in less than 24 hours so there are no fancy bells and whistles, heck they do not even have sound (Mostly because I do not even have speakers attached to my computer, no I do not play games :))

The first game is called Sildoku, yes you guessed it, it is a Sudoku clone. It has 4 levels of difficulty and each game is randomly generated on the fly. Try it here


The second game is Peg Solitaire. Which you can try here


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